‘Really scary’ – Spanish train stops in wildfire

Francisco Seon and his fellow passengers were horrified when their train stopped in the Spanish countryside and looked out the window; Wildfires were attacking them on both sides of the track.

Passengers take pictures of wildfires as they travel by train in Zamora, Spain.

The Spaniard said on Tuesday: “It was scary to see how quickly the fire spread. In the blink of an eye, a new bush started burning. It was only a few seconds.”

“Suddenly it was night. “And we can even smell the smoke in the train car.”

The program shows the unscheduled – and undisturbed – stop of about ten passengers in a Seon train car looking out the window in shock.

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Fire lickt through the vegetation as the train stopped in Zamora district early Monday, and smoke darkened the blue sky.

That district has recorded two wildfire deaths in the past two days: a 69-year-old shepherd and a 62-year-old firefighter were caught in the blaze.

A firefighter wades through the flames of a forest fire near Lowchat.

With no passenger announcements made over the train’s public address system, the Seo passengers became enraged and began standing on the tracks.

An Adif spokesman told AP.

More than 30 forest fires across Spain have forced the evacuation of thousands of people and blackened 22,000 hectares last week.

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