Hundreds evacuated in California as Electra wildfire spreads in Sierra Nevada Gold Country

Jackson, California – Release orders were issued Tuesday for remote California communities near A. Wildfire On the fourth of July, the ruckus or barbecue may have taken place in the mountainous region, a major tourist destination.

Electric fire in Sierra Nevada’s gold-plated area tripled on Monday afternoon and tripled to 6.1 square miles. Tuesday night was 5% occupied.

Firefighters said the blaze was making short and steep runs.

Amador County Sheriff Gary Redman said: “The distribution is not as high as it was yesterday, but it is still expanding. He said firefighters were working to keep the blaze out of the canyon.

California Wildfires
Firefighters set fire to an electric fire in Amadour County, California, July 5, 2022, trying to prevent it from reaching homes in the Pine Acre community.

Noah Burger / AP

Compulsory eviction orders and warnings have affected up to 700 residents of Amador County and 300 to 400 residents of Calaverras County, Redman said. The sheriff’s office shared an online map of evacuation zones, and evacuation centers have been set up for people and animals in the area.

The blaze broke out in a crowded recreational area with 85 to 100 people celebrating the festival on the river at Pacific Gas and Electric Co. Later, they all moved in peace.

“This is very close to a fire. It was really at our feet,” said Valley Springs Milka Mikula, who went to the river with her husband, 5-year-old daughter and 1-year-old son. – One year old.

She told KCRA-TV that they had to wait six hours before they finally got home.

“I just wanted to go home. I wanted to take my children out of there. I was shaking a lot for a while,” Mikula said.

California Wildfires
On July 5, 2022, she saw Karin Larson dropping an air tank in her home in the Pine Acre community of Amador County.

Noah Burger / AP

Redman said the cause of the blaze was unknown, but it started near the Volks Beach River in the North Fork Mokelomene River. He said that fireworks or barbecues could be the cause.

More than 100 fire engines, 1,200 firefighters and 14 helicopters were sent to the blaze, which posed a threat to energy infrastructure, according to the California Department of Forests and Fire Protection. The ground is said to be steep and rugged.

Cal Fire activates firefighting team. The teams are “composed of trained people who provide operational management and support for large and large-scale events,” Cal Fire said.

APTOPIX California Wildfires
July 4, 2022 Firefighters fight the Electra fire in the Rich Gulch community in Calabras County.

Noah Burger / AP

One of the firefighters from the local fire department suffered burns, Redman said.

Vox Beach is 55 miles east of Sacramento in the heart of the Sierra Nevada region in the mid-1800s.

Many other small fires were burning in the province.

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