Forest fire at Porto Germenos (videos)


A forest fire is raging near the Porto Germenos, located Located 70 kilometres from Athens, in the western part of Attica.

5 airplanes and 5 helicopters are operating from the air with 110 firefighters in an effort to extinguish the blaze, while the Romanian firefighter unit is also contributing.

Greek authorities sent out a warning on 112 for the evacuation of the settlement of Mytika. Specifically, the message states: “If you are in Mytika, evacuate now to Psatha. Forest fire in your area.”

Strong north-westerly winds blowing in the area are pushing the fire towards Psatha with firefighters trying to stop the fire’s progress.

The traffic has been interrupted in the following roads:

1. On the provincial road Oinois – Porto Germenos from the height of the Krogo Geidi tavern traffic flow towards Porto Germenos.

2. On the provincial road Alepochorio – Psathas – Vilion from the height of Pefkon street traffic flow towards Psathas.

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