Forest Fire Fighting Operations – Wishlist

Very interesting post. This is forest fire season here in Quebec. Is there an update on these CL-415-215 planes ? Haven’t seen it anywhere

Hello all,

some scenery designer will do this bussines every time as single scenery mission for joy, not for fire :slight_smile:

I upvoted the topic – but you didn’t include a request for the fires to interact and propagate in accord with real-time weather! :slightly_smiling_face: It would be fascinating if your request could be done but it almost seems like a whole new dimension or two would be needed if it were going to be realistically done – besides the day-to-day weather, forest fires are very dependent on season of the year, topography with wind channeling, etc. I wonder if a simpler request if the simulation could be automated would just be to update major fires that are occurring (wherever in the world → fill in your desired areas here) so with some degree of timeliness (monthly? weekly?? daily???) one could fly areas of major, major fires and see what was happening to the planet. Same with stuff like oil spills and volcanic eruptions. Just as one replays some segment of time while watching weather radar animation and there is sometimes a choice of how fast to replay the animation, it would be fascinating to be able to fly over the area of some major event like a forest fire – your time as a pilot in the plane and the movement of the plane might be standard real time but the progress of the event you’re watching on the ground might be speeded up so you wouldn’t have to spend a week in the air watching the fire – or perhaps you could have the option to move the calendar forward day-by-day and spend an hour on each day of a big fire fighting the fire at its current stage. If one wants realism, I doubt one is going to find many big fires that can be put out in an hour or two or even a day. So just like choosing your weather, if you don’t go with real-time weather, a simulation might have to have some options as to how big and bad you want the fire to be, how many companion AI fire fighters you want for help, etc., so the fire can realistically progress while you only devote a given number of hours per day trying to contain it but the fire can still do its stuff to the world while you’re catching your zeds each day, etc.


Wow. It would be fantastic. It could be offered in mission by the community (or in a bush trip) as long as the effects are possible in the game.

I asked the question on particle development progress for the next Q&A session

You can see an exemple of work by Lorby !

Fire move with terrain and realistic condition, this on MSFS with realistic smoke, dream !

We can’t see the video. Could give a link?

c-415 or 215 would be awesome with a working forest fire feature!

I could add alot to this project . I spent 10 years with every retardant and water dropping flying vehicle in the fleet. As well as access too most of the fleet today. 3d aircraft scan anybody? Like to see ov-10’s and s2T’s…
Let’s get it done.

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Fire effects in the sim would be nice like in FSX.

I would love if FS2020 had a mode or missions to fight wild fires. Using live fire data would be a huge plus.

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