Flagstaff community braces for monsoon flooding after wildfires create dangerous burn scars

Flag It is not strange Wildfire And the flood that followed, and it was very tiring for residents and business owners.

Recently RainstormsThey have to stop and rebuild.

A beautiful house in the Wupatki Trail neighborhood is now muddy, unwanted floodwaters have flooded Chess Wilson’s home, taking its own toll.

“The whole house, the first floor, was flooded with 6-8 inches of water, mud and garbage. There was about a foot of mud in the garage, so everything downstairs was dumped,” Wilson said.

Fortunately, Wilson said he, his pregnant wife and two children were not at home.

It was a recent call, but unfortunately, they are used to closing calls. They have already taken two displacements. Recent wildfires.

When they returned from a wildfire a few weeks ago, they found that the trunk and trees in their backyard, about an inch[1 m]from their children’s playground, were completely burned.

“When it’s over, it’s done and it makes no sense to be cruel or to stick to it. Go ahead and hope for the best,” Wilson said.

Already, there was a period of active weather in Flagstaff, and unfortunately, many fires left their mark on the burnt land.

Rainstorms are now rolling in, causing severe flooding. On Sunday afternoon, several city streets were closed as hurricanes turned into rivers.

These conditions are well known to this community.

Renovation of sandbags is the rule to stay ahead of the next wave.

For more information on sandbag sites, Click here.

Matching ‘Life-threatening’ flooding in Flagstaff; Phoenix area sees rain, wind

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