FREE Abstract Spring Botanical Background

Add a pop of spring to your social media posts and brand packaging with this pretty seasonal pattern—available in four color palettes.

Spring is finally in the air. Tap into the spirit of joy and hope that comes with this change of season with a free, on-trend abstract botanical pattern, available in a range of contemporary color palettes.

Scroll to preview the bundle and discover a quick-and-easy tutorial for using your patterns to create beautiful Instagram Stories with PicMonkey.

Spring palette examples on green background
Use your free patterns for packaging designs, website backgrounds, or social media posts.

What’s Included in Your FREE Spring Pattern Bundle

Your FREE downloadable pattern pack contains four floral patterns that you can use as backgrounds for social media posts and other designs. If you have access to vector software such as Adobe Illustrator, you can also use individual illustrations as standalone graphics for books, magazines, or websites.

The floral patterns are provided as JPEG images and editable EPS and AI files*. The patterns can be used on social media posts, or integrated into print designs such as cards, invitations, or packaging.

*To edit the EPS files, you’ll need access to vector software such as Adobe Illustrator.

Free Pattern Pack Preview

Below, preview the four unique designs available in your free spring pattern bundle. These colorful bespoke designs have been illustrated exclusively for Shutterstock by our friends over at Blue Whippet Studio.

Read on to preview the patterns, access your download, and discover how to use your patterns to create springlike Instagram Stories in PicMonkey.

Spring patterns on burnt orange background
Spring patterns on olive green background
Spring patterns on light pink background
Spring patterns on light blue background
Discover this free spring pattern in four contemporary color palettes.

How to Download Your FREE Abstract Pattern Bundle

Simply click the button below to download your freebie pattern bundle. Once downloaded, double-click the ZIP file to unpackage its contents.

Inside the ZIP file, you’ll find four folders—one with super high-resolution JPEG versions of the patterns, one with JPEGs sized to 3000px in width, and two other folders with editable EPS and AI images of each design.

This FREE download also includes a license document that covers the ways you can use these pattern designs. Plus, you’ll find a coupon that gives you a 15% off discount on Shutterstock images and footage.


*By downloading this FREE pattern bundle, you agree not to resell or redistribute these assets.

How to Create an Instagram Story with Your Free Patterns, Using PicMonkey

Bring a botanical mood to your social media account with these free floral patterns. Here, we’ll look at how you can create a high-impact Instagram Story using online editing app PicMonkey.

Even if you’re new to the app, you’ll discover it’s super easy to create a story image in no time.

Step 1

Go to PicMonkey and identify the options under the “Collage layouts and blank canvases” section at the bottom of the page.

Click on Choose a blank, and then select Instagram Story from the list of templates.

Screenshot of how to choose Instagram Story in PicMonkey editor
Select Instagram Story from the blank canvas options.

Step 2

Click on Graphics at the top of the left-hand toolbar, and then choose Add your own graphic > Computer.

Screenshot of how to add graphics in PicMonkey editor

Navigate to the folder of JPEG images in your download, and choose one of the images inside, clicking Open.

Screenshot of adding a graphic to your canvas in PicMonkey
Your chosen JPEG image will drop onto the canvas.

Step 3

To add text to your story, you may need to block out some of the pattern elements to create white space. A quick way of doing this is to click on Graphics > Basic and choose a simple circle shape.

Adjust the color to match your photo background using the Eyedropper tool. Use your shape to block out part of the pattern, copying and pasting the circle repeatedly until you’re happy with the result.

Screenshot of how to add a shape to your canvas in PicMonkey editor
Screenshot of canvas after you've added the shape to your canvas in PicMonkey editor
Screenshot of how to block out parts of your pattern using the shape options in PicMonkey editor
Block out parts of the pattern using a circle shape in the matching background color.

Step 4

Click on the Text option in the toolbar to insert a text frame onto the canvas. You can choose from a wide variety of text templates and font styles to give your Story stylish text.

Screenshot of how to select stylish text in PicMonkey editor
Screenshot of text added to pattern in PicMonkey editor
You can choose from a wide range of pre-designed type styles to give your social posts a unique look. Here, I’ve opted for a metallic script text to give the post a romantic style.

Step 5

Once you’ve finished working on your design, click the Share button at the top-right of the workspace to upload your image to your social media account.

Alternatively, click on Download to save a copy of the image to your computer.

Screenshot of how to download your image in PicMonkey editor
Share or download your image and spread the joy of spring!

Want to design more seasonal Instagram Story slides? Check out these customizable Instagram Story templates from PicMonkey.

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