North York Moors wildfires warning as country basks in heatwave

Senior Ranger Bernie McClendon said: “While the term ‘wildfire’ may lead people to think of these events as natural disasters, it is human actions that cause the greatest danger.

“Long hot and dry weather creates the perfect environment for fires to spread quickly and out of control, but the initial spark is always due to human behavior.

“A wildfire in a national park would be a disaster for our moorland and forest environment.

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A fire is threatening the North York Moors National Park.

“Petland fires are more difficult to extinguish and release more carbon into the atmosphere than other types of fire.”

People visiting the North York Moors over the next few days are being asked to be alert to the dangers.

Under no circumstances should anyone light a barbecue or bonfire, and extreme care should be taken when disposing of items such as cigarettes or glass bottles.

This includes throwing cigarette ends out of car windows, which can lead to roadside fires that can spread to sensitive landscapes.

There are fire warning signs in the North York Moors, advising people how to help reduce the risk.

The signs will remain in place until the fire is over.

If people see a fire, they should immediately call 999 to inform the fire service.

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