From Indigenous to Markets

Forest Climate Communities and State Governance Initiative (CGTI-FT) organizes its activities using a coordinated approach to cultural, political and economic governance issues, taking into account the people’s self-government and self-determination.

Our work on indigenous economies in the Tupi Mosaic region began with a group of Indigenous Lands in the eastern part of Tupi Guapore seven years ago. Our work with the indigenous biodiversity chains, which started with Crafts and Cocoa, includes Brazilian Nut, Show and Copaiba Chains, as well as other new potential products. A.D. In 2019, the project gained momentum and, with the support and partnership of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), began implementing the Nossa Floresta Nosa Kassa (“Our Forest, Our Home”) project. International Tropical Agricultural Center and Amazon Forum Partners (PPA).

We are pleased to launch a series of four books From Indigenous States to Markets: Handicrafts, Brazilian Nut, Cocoa and Asi Value Chains. We hope that these books will serve as a guide for strengthening the indigenous economy and valuing indigenous peoples, sharing and disseminating our teachings and experiences.

The books introduce the concepts of indigenous governance and indigenous economics and are organized into two parts. In the second part, we detail Tupi Mosaic Indigenous Economic Initiative and CGTI-FT. It operates in eight indigenous lands with 21 indigenous peoples, and in addition to experiencing the same socio-economic context and challenges, they share languages, cultures, histories, and world views.

In these four books, we want to increase knowledge and enhance positive interactions on the balance of the indigenous economy, so that Indigenous people have more market opportunities and partnerships are based on shared values.

Marcio Hala Forest Trends “Our Forest, Our Home” Project Coordinator and Indigenous Economy Community and State Management Initiative.

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