Extreme E, Vodafone Business deploy LPWAN to help tackle wildfires in Sardinia

Just as the final of the All-Electric Motor Racing Competition will be held in Sardinia, Exrem E has announced that it is working with technology partner Vodafone Business to support new Vodafone environmental sustainability projects. IoT is the oldest forest fire detection system.

The Extreme series is expected to raise awareness of climate emergencies to bring about change by combining sports with purpose. Acceptance of electric vehicles in the future needs of our planet’s low carbon footprint.

Extremist E begins its second season in New York, Saudi Arabia from February 19-20, 2022, with motor sports giant McLaren joining the action, with American tanner Footer and New Zealand’s Emma Gilmore on the wheel of an Odyssey 21 full electric sports car (SUV).

Areas most affected by environmental issues such as desertification, deforestation, ice melt, plastic pollution, and increasing carbon emissions are somewhat affected. By holding competitions in areas suffering from environmental crises, the organizers hope to raise audience awareness and increase their interest in environmental issues.

The island X Prix, co-sponsored by automobile club de Italia and the region Sardana, shows that Sardinia was one of the worst hit areas in the summer of 2021 when a wildfire hit Italy. Island and others in the Mediterranean area.

The fire spread over 20,000 hectares of land, displacing more than 1,000 people and killing nearly 30 million bees. Wildfires like these are responsible for 20% of global CO2 It cost $ 5 billion to release and fight.

Alongside the race, the extremist E group is embarking on a long-running project in Italy to rebuild the historic olive grove that was destroyed by wildfires. Together with Vodafone Business, it is conducting a firefighting campaign in the local communities of Montferru. As part of this project, Vodafone Business is deploying LPWAN sensors to quickly detect any fire and alert authorities.

Inexpensive IoT gas sensors operate without the need for cellular coverage and are installed on trees before a fire occurs, which shortens the response time and protects the forest footprint. Vodafone believes that using the mesh gateway to connect to a cloud-based alarm center will solve this wildfire detection problem faster than using cameras or satellites.

According to Vodafone Business, the partnership will have many benefits for the environment and the environment, including reducing the cost of firefighting, reducing the impact on the economy, saving lives and wildlife, and reducing insurance costs.

“Our goal is to help our companies meet for a better time,” said Amanda Jobs, Vodafone Business CEO. “Extreme E and its partner, Medesia, are thrilled to bring our technology forward to address the urgent issue of wildfires in Sardinia.”

“Our cloud-based IoT solutions are world-leading in their identification and communication capabilities and can operate especially in remote areas where it is difficult to control the effects of climate change.

Ali Russell, chief marketing officer at Extreme E, said: “This partnership with Sardinia is just the beginning of a new partnership with Vodafone Business. Developing solutions to raise awareness of environmental issues and combat climate change is crucial for our champion, and Vodafone Business has a long history of incorporating sustainable practices into its core strategies.

“This fire prevention initiative is built on our previous work in the region and will provide more support to the local community and authorities.”

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