Duncan Bannatyne, Dragons’ Den star, flees Portugal with his wife after wildfire decimates Algarve

Dragon Cave star Duncan Banatine had to leave Portugal after a wildfire.

Ngora, a Scottish entrepreneur, 42 and 73, respectively, live in their villa in Valle de Lobo (Algarov).

Duncan Banatain and his wife, Nigrara, were forced from their home in Portugal


Duncan Banatein, Ngora Banatine, and their families were forced to flee Portugal.Credit Lite Getty
In recent days, wildfires have been raging in the Algarov.


Due to extreme heat, a recent wildfire is raging in Algarve.Credit Writing Duncan Banatin (Twitter)

However, the couple were “expelled” from the country and were forced to flee the country.

Clybbank: The Born Star has released a video on Twitter showing large firefighters setting fire to several areas as firefighters control the fire.

“Today is a terrible day in Algarov,” he said.

He later wrote: “We were evicted from our home today, but fortunately most of the fires were contained until late at night.

The video shows him telling his wife, “We can’t go home because they blocked the road to our house.”

“Maybe the fire has started again.”

He told his wife that they could not do anything right now.

Shortly afterward, he released another video showing thick black smoke billowing from a large fireplace.

According to Jim Franchise’s owner, the show has been described as “amazing.” “A scary day in Algarov”

Banatain had previously tweeted a picture of several helicopters collecting water from the ocean to fight fires on the local coast.

He praised the authorities, saying: “They are doing a wonderful job.”

Earlier this year, the Scots sold a ሮ 5 million corona lock and bought a new property.

Duncan and Ngora were married in 2017. He also told his fans at the time of the outbreak. After being locked in the United Kingdom, he returned to Portugal with his wife.

After being locked in London due to bad times, I returned to my home in Portugal with my family, Twitter was his platform.

Steven Gerrard’s former Gaffer Rangers could now lose their luxury villa as wildfires erupt throughout Portugal.

The Ibrox men returned to Glasgow this week after a training session at Quintas de Lago, but Bournemouth, who were recently relegated to the Premier League, are still training there.

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