Bureau of Reclamation Grazing Goats This Summer On Auburn Shaded Fuel Break to Reduce Wildfire Threats

July 14, 2022 – Auburn, California – The Bureau of Corrections is working with the California Department of Parks and Recreation on a 474-acre goat grazing area in Auburn State. GoatsProject. The project site was originally developed in collaboration with the Plaster County Resource Protection District to create an extended shade camp.

The project, implementing part of the Auburn project’s five-year oil management plan, will raise goats this summer to reduce the fuel load in the forest near Auburn City, where there are homes. Contact with the forest). Contracted goat herds will be housed in a temporary electric fence 600 feet from the houses near the federal project boundary.

Under the supervision of dogs and goat herders, one herd starts near the Madu / China Bar Fire Wise Quarters and another herd starts near the State Parks Headquarters and the Wise Quarter.

The implementation of the project will keep the 600-foot range previously treated by hand-operated CAL FIRE with the help of PCSD in the desert urban interface. Goat grazing helps to thin the lower vegetation, reduces the chances of wildfires moving into large shrubs and trees, and creates access to firefighting equipment. No significant changes are expected in grazing or land use during grazing.

Stakeholders who provide inputs to reduce the risk of wildfires include the City of Auburn Fire Department, CAL FIRE, the Greater Auburn Fire Protection Council and the Plaster County Fire Alliance.

Learn more about this project at https://www.usbr.gov/mp/nepa/nepa_project_details.php?Project_ID=51723.
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