FY 2023 Appropriations: NASF delivers funding level recommendations, coalition letters, testimony

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The National Association of State Foresters has published fiscal year (FY) 2023 allocation level recommendations for federal programs of major importance to its state forestry members. Click here to access the association’s nine annual one-page programs.

In addition to publishing funding-level recommendations, the association wrote or signed several letters of the 2023 budget appropriations coalition, all available here in the NASF Newsroom.

Finally, in March 2022, the association provided written evidence of its 2023 budget allocation recommendations, available here.

To learn more about where state foresters stand in federal legislation and programs of national importance, visit www.stateforesters.org and explore “Appropriations” and “Policy Statements” under “Where We Stand”. Do you have more questions? Contact NASF Policy Director Robyn Whitney.

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