LA, San Bernardino County officials close preserves fearing wildfires sparked by fireworks

Authorities have warned against using fireworks this weekend, as the drought is worsening day by day and the dry and golden brush is a fuel for wildfires.

Ryan Kaufman, a resident of Fontainebleau, said:

Concerned about the escalating fire on the 4th weekend of July, San Bernardino County firefighters closed the North Iowa area of ​​Rancho Kukamonga to prevent anyone from using fireworks.

“I don’t want to see the damage done or my house being damaged any more,” Kaufman said.

Authorities closed the guard from Friday night to Tuesday morning, and the fire chief said the department should protect the area’s treasures. While he is aware of the situation, the move has angered some residents who want to enjoy the mountain.

“I don’t agree that the city is closed for the fourth time. People like to bring their family and belongings,” said Kwasi Hill, a San Bernardino resident. “We all have a mind and we all know what to do if we are there.”

The National Forest of Angeles shares similar fears with San Bernardino County officials and sets similar restrictions.

“We are currently experiencing a major fire in the National Forest of Angeles,” said spokeswoman Dana Dyers. “The San Bernardino National Forest is at high risk of fire.”

According to Diorx, various parts of the National Forest in the United States are affected by the current fire and damage caused by old fires in the Bobcastas Fire Zone. She added that camp fire restrictions vary from place to place.

“No fireworks or pyrotechnics are allowed on forest land,” she said.

In San Bernardino, fires are only allowed on selected areas this holiday weekend.

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