How East Texans can protect their home against wildfires

Tyler, Texas (KITK) – Local firefighters are crowded with calls as wildfires continue to rise in East Texas and the dry weather is not helping.

Although people have no protection when putting out a home fire, there are precautions that people can take to prevent it.

Cory Clinton is the head of the Smith County Emergency Services District.

“There is a very high chance that a coal will come out, burn the grass and start growing,” said Cory Clinton.

However, there are steps you can take to increase the safety of your home.

“You know, I hope to put your firewood on the porch or near the house,” Clanton said. “Everything that helps keep you from getting a small umbrella, getting a place to rest, and starting a big fire will eventually keep your home.”

Firefighters advise you not to plant shrubs in your home.

“It’s very difficult to control wildfires in these situations, it’s growing so much in your home,” Clinton said.

It is also a good idea to clean the leaves from your pits, the bottom of the boat and the corner of your porch. Use a wire mesh to prevent the brush from getting stuck under your home.

“We just want the people to be protected,” Clinton said. “I mean, think ahead about what you do. Simple things like a barbecue or grill, or maybe a small fire in the yard at night. Make sure it’s completely gone.

It can also help to remove outdoor furniture and install sprays. On the fourth day of July, Clinton recommends attending a big party instead of putting out your own fireworks and if you do, make sure you stay away from home.

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