Wildfires burn west of San Antonio, aquifer dips toward stage 4 water restrictions

A fire at 3,500 acres this week after burning 3,500 acres of Nesrei Road in Kimball County, southwest of Megenagna, has been contained.

The Texas Forest Service reports that fire lines have been completed in the north, south and east, and firefighters are fighting in the rest of the open west.

At one point this week, the smoke in the air was so bad, a temporary flight ban was lifted. The 400-acre[400 ha]fire in Gillsi County has now completely subsided.

The National Weather Service reports that some thunderstorms are likely to move from the Hill Land on Thursday night and Friday morning into the I-35 corridor. Chances of rain are small, but forecasts say some lucky residents could see one to three inches of some very neutral thunderstorms.

Otherwise, the record-breaking, weeks-long heatwave continues to grips South Texas, with tropical eruptions only occasionally erupting. The temperature in the hundreds will continue this week or next. Saturday is less than a hundred years old and only a little relief is expected.

Yellow plains and high water and air conditioning fees are the hallmarks of South Texas and Hillland this summer.

The southern half of Bexar County is now listed as one of the worst droughts in the U.S. Drought Control – Special. The rest of the county is just one of the worst – extreme.

One of the region’s main water sources continues to fall by about half a day. On Thursday afternoon, the water level in Edwards Aquifer was 634 feet. If the 10-day average drops to 630 feet, Level 4 restrictions will be lifted for water pumps allowed in Ataskosa, Bexar, Caldwell, Guadalupe, Hayes and Medina provinces. Under stage 4, water pumps should be reduced by 44%.

San Antonio residents remain under Level 2 restrictions because the San Antonio Water System has been using other water sources in a bid to reduce the pump’s simultaneous size.

In Step 2, San Antonio residents can use the automatic pick-up once a week, depending on the street address. Within Level 3 restrictions, as in New Brownfels and Castroville, residents can use an automatic lawn mower once a week.

At San Antonio International Airport this week, the city fell behind by an average annual rainfall of more than 1 foot.

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