Cities Cancel July Fourth Fireworks Amid Wildfire Concerns

On July 2, 2021, private fireworks were launched at the Antelop Point Boat, a low-volume water tank near Paige, Arizona. Images by David McNowy / Getty

Independence Day is coming soon, and the entire long weekend is set for Monday, July 4, 2022. But throughout the United States, with drought and heat waves, many cities, along with workers and workers, are canceling fireworks for fear of wildfires. Supply chain issues related to the ongoing epidemic.

Flagstaff, Arizona is exchanging fireworks for a light show, and the annual parade continues on July 4. The mountainous area was hit by three large wildfires in the spring of 2022 that displaced thousands of residents and destroyed many homes. The city has already announced an improved Independence Day to give people time to plan their holidays.

The annual fireworks display in northern San Joaquin Valley, California, was also canceled due to the ongoing drought. Local Don Pedro is expected to have low water levels during the holiday season.

“The safety of our guests and the land entrusted to us are our top priorities,” Don Pedro Entertainment Agency reported to NPR.

Lompeck, California, and Castle Rock, Colorado, were among the cities that fired fireworks for fear of wildfires.

Despite the recent wildfires, many cities in New Mexico continue to host fireworks displays, including Albuquerque and Santa Fe.

But despite canceled shows and additional environmental protection options, fire officials are concerned that many individuals will take the festivities by hand.

Phoenix Fire spokesman Capt. Ivan Gamaj said: “We will receive many calls this year.”

In addition to eliminating the risk of wildfires, switching pyrotechnics to other alternatives is in many ways better for the environment. Fireworks are not a viable option for the holiday ecosystem. For one thing, most professional fireworks are manufactured in China, which equates to high carbon emissions.

When fireworks land, they leave plastic debris and hazardous waste, and the perchlorate required for the fire to explode pollute local waterways.

These products contribute to poor air quality, especially when used in large quantities over a short period of time.

“Fireworks are one of the most unusual sources of pollution in the atmosphere; although temporary, they are responsible for high levels of particles (especially metals and organic compounds) and gases,” explains a 2007 study.

While some small “green” fireworks options are being made, the best option is to skip them altogether. Some better options? Light shows can work, although they can disturb the local wildlife. Some cities are busy with parades or live performances, and individuals can host the Fourth of July celebrations at home.

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