Yosemite wildfire grows, but giant sequoias remain protected | WWTI

Yosemite National Park, California (AP) – A wildfire at the Yekosite National Park on the shores of Sequoia Grove, California, erupted overnight but partially extinguished on Tuesday.

The six-day fire was not expected to make a big difference to the famous Mariposa Grove, an official told a community meeting on Monday evening.

“Overall, this is a very good place,” said Matt Aher, commander of the disaster management team.

In an interview with SFGATE.com on Sunday, Yosemite Forest Ecologist and Firefighter Garrett Dickman expressed optimism in an interview with West Grove.

“I went through all the burning rooms and saw no death. … Some trees were burned, but the intensity of the fire was beyond their control, ”said Dickman.

The Washington Flames at the southern end of the park covered 5 square miles (13 square miles), but 22 percent of the fire was still contained on Tuesday morning, he said.

The fire has been raging since Thursday, with visitors smoking near the Washington Drop area of ​​Mariposa Grove, and hundreds of famous trees, including 3,000-year-old Griezli Giants, standing.

The next day, hundreds of visitors and residents were evacuated from the nearby Wawana community, but the rest of Yosemite remained open.

In order to protect ancient trees, sprays have been set up in the forest, and a fire protection team has been set up to protect them.

The fire generally burned north and east of the trunk. Conditions were hot and dry but the winds were mild.

Tactical Operation Commander Aher described the extensive work done by firefighters to stop the fire in a difficult area.

“We are very confident in the plan but we are being challenged by the plan,” he said. “All the staff are fully engaged, fully supportive, the fire very intense.”

Aher expressed his hope of protecting the famous bush from fire.

“He came out on the Mariposa Gov outer skirt. “He supported small roads for that, but he did not give strong support to the bush.”

According to Aher, firefighters were clearing around the trees.

“We don’t see the fire coming from where we are now,” he said.

Firefighters say they have cut off the control line at the northern end of Mariposa Grove.

Firefighters were warning of the possibility of the fire moving east and south, which could hold one end of the tree.

Although the cause of the fire was being investigated, authorities considered it human because there was no clear natural spark

Located in about 70 bushes spread over the western slope of Sierra Nevada, Sequoia was once considered to be fire-resistant but is becoming more and more vulnerable to wildfires, a century of firefighting and climate change exacerbated by drought, more severe and devastating It happened.

Lightning strikes over the past two years have killed up to a fifth of the estimated 75,000 people.

A year ago, a hurricane tore through the bush, knocking down 15 giant sequoia and countless other trees.

In addition to the many pine trees that were killed by beetle bark, the fallen trees provided enough fuel for the fire.

Smoke and ash exploded in Salt Lake City on Saturday as a result of a wildfire in Utah, rural Tuele County. On Monday night, the fire in Jacob’s town increased to 6.4 square miles (16.6 square kilometers), with 19 percent of the fire extinguished, officials said.

Elsewhere in Utah, firefighters battled a 15.9-square-mile (41-square-kilometer) Halfway Hill fire at Filmore. Court of law encountered the four men of the investors described the firefire that made the fire.

So far, by 2022, more than 35,000 wildfires in the United States have burned nearly 4.7 million acres (1.9 million hectares), according to the National Agency for Fire, more than average for both wildfires and acres.

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