Wildfires rip through Europe with flames ‘that look like the devil’

This photo shows a wildfire presented by the Gironde Regional Fire Brigade (SDIS 33) on Friday, July 15, 2022 near Landras in southwestern France, Thursday, July 14, 2022.  Hundreds of firefighters battled two fires in Bordeaux on Friday.  In southwestern France, 10,000 people were displaced and more than 7,000 hectares were destroyed.  Extreme heat and strong winds have complicated firefighting efforts in the region, making it one of the deadliest wildfires around Europe.  (SDIS 33 via AP)

Wildfires erupt near Landras in southwestern France

Thousands of people were displaced after they reported that they had been driven out by the Devil.

Thousands of acres of land in all of France are on fire in two different places as a result of the extreme heat wave that Europe is currently experiencing.

The Bordeaux region has been hit hard by uncontrolled fires, especially near national forests and the Dune du Pilat – in western France.

As many as 10,000 tourists were displaced by the blaze. Wednesday from local camps and 4,000 other people early Thursday.

This photo was released on Thursday, July 13, 2022 by the Gironde Regional Fire Brigade (SDIS 33) on Wednesday, July 13, 2022 near Landras in southwestern France.  Massive wildfires are raging in parts of Europe, with firefighters battling fires.  Portugal, Spain and southern France.  In France, 1,000 firefighters and drones were trying to contain the blaze, but for the third day in a row, two fires were still out of control in southwestern Bordeaux.  (SDIS 33 via AP)

Extreme fires erupt in Portugal, Spain and southern France

Firefighters stand by fire as France spreads off the coast of La Tes-de-Buch (AFP)

As workers struggled to control the blaze, three homes and two restaurants were destroyed in one night.

In one night, three houses and two restaurants were destroyed.

Fires have also broken out in Portugal, Spain, and Croatia, and the heat has been described as ‘severe’.

The only neighborhood in Quanta do Lago that is home to celebrities such as Duncan Banatain and John Terry is one of the worst-hit areas in Portugal.

A local fireman described the fire as ‘like Satan.’

Some parts of Europe are experiencing ‘extreme’ temperatures (image: AFP)

A canada fly over Pila Dun in La Tesest de-Buch in southwestern France (picture AFP)

More than 5,000 acres[5,000 ha]burned in France

Most of Europe shared the heat wave, which pushed the temperature in some places to the mid-forties.

Mercury levels are rising above average in July, reaching 47 ° C in Orence, northern Spain.

Claire Nulis, a spokesman for the World Meteorological Organization, told the United Nations that although the heat wave was mainly affecting Portugal and Spain, it could spread elsewhere.

‘It is affecting large areas of Europe and is getting stronger,’ she warned.

Prolonged drought in Greece and Bulgaria is causing fear in the Balkans.

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