BA.5 Coronavirus Subvariant Spreads Like Wildfire in South Korea

The most prevalent BA.5 Omicron variant is on the verge of dominating South Korea, with virus-related cases tripled in a week, according to a new report. Korean Herald Report.

According to a weekly report released by the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KDCA) on Tuesday, BA.5 subtypes were up 24.1 percent in the last week of June. It was up 7.5 percent a week ago.

KDCA senior official Lim Suk-Yong said in a news release that the weekly sub-segment growth rate reflects the “recent dominance” in East Asia. According to data from the United Kingdom, Lim BA5 is reported to have expanded by about 35 percent. BA.5 In addition, there is a high risk of infection.

Last week, South Korea reported nearly 10,600 cases of coronavirus cases per day, up from 3,000 more last week. As the number of infections increases, the Ministry of Health and Welfare confirmed on Wednesday that plans are afoot to increase the number of hospital beds for pregnant mothers, infants and others who are most vulnerable to CVD-19.

In addition to these concerns, Yon Suk-Yol, who has been president for almost two months, has yet to appoint a new health minister, which is seen as a key factor in leading the country’s overall epidemic.

“I think the biggest threat ahead of us is that Covid-19 may not seem to be a priority in the current administration,” said Dr. Im Jung-Sik, an infectious disease specialist at the University of Gachno Medical Center in Incheon. Korean Herald.

Meanwhile, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) earlier this week confirmed that B5 variant is now the major strain of coronavirus in the United States, accounting for 54 percent of all covad-19 infections last week. Of Wall Street JournalL. The same sub-variable, BA.4, contains 17 percent.

“They have received it, so they are clearly more contagious than the previous types of oysters,” David Montefiori, a professor at the Center for Immunization at Duke University Medical Center, told NBC News.

The CDC announcement comes a week after the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommended that vaccine manufacturers update their coronavirus vaccines to target BA.4 and BA.5 this fall.

“As we move into autumn and winter, safe and effective immunization incentives are essential to prevent the devastating effects of CVD-19,” said Dr. Peter Mark of the FDA’s Center for Biological Evaluation and Research.

Eton Kim Lizer is a Washington State-based finance and tech editor with posts on Google, the Korean Herald, Lincoln Journal Star, Asia Week, and Arrange TV. Follow him or find him. LinkedIn.

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