Independence Day is for freedom, fun – not forest fires

Portland, Ore, June 27, 2022 – Independence Day should be a celebration of freedom and entertainment – Not a forest fire.

Forest officials in the Pacific Northwest are urging everyone to celebrate and make fire safety a part of your weekend.

Fireworks – Do not use anything near flammable materials, including grass, garages and shrubs. All explosives and pyrotechnics, including fireworks and explosives, are banned in the national forests of Oregon and Washington. Destroyers who bring fireworks into national forests and lawns are subject to fines of up to $ 5,000 and up to 6 months in prison (36 CFR 261.52) and may be liable for burglary costs and property damage.

Entertainment Accidents Summer has reached the Northwest Pacific, and potential forest fires are drying up rapidly in most areas. Before you visit public lands, check out what the overall fire rating is and what public use restrictions apply. If you are cooking outdoors, use a fire extinguisher to prepare fresh food. If fires are allowed, place the coal in a metal container or in a fire ring. Do not leave the fire unattended! To extinguish a fire, stir the water into the ashes and smash any charcoal until the ground is cool.

Motor equipment and vehicle safety – If you are pulling a tool or a trailer, make sure that the chains you are pulling do not pull where the asphalt or rocks hit, which can cause a spark. If you smoke, look for a vegetation-free place or stay in your car – and never throw out lit cigarettes from your vehicle. Park in vegetation-free areas – The hot tub under your car can set fire to dry grass. Bring a fire extinguisher or several gallons of water when traveling long distances. To ensure that approved flashlights, such as chainsaws, bicycles, or off-road vehicles, are in operation. Remember that in an emergency, first responders and their vehicles need immediate access – don’t block forest roads!

The last few tips – Remember that this weekend you can camp, go for a walk, go fishing, hunting, boating or in the national forest, fire can start anywhere, anytime. 10 Make sure you have external needs, and plan what to do in the event of an accident.

Thank you for helping our forests free from wildfires!

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