Romanian firefighters arrive in Greece for summer wildfire season

The Greek National News Agency (AMN) reports that the 28-member Romanian fire brigade, which was welcomed by Greek authorities in Athens, will begin forest protection this summer.

According to the program, a total of 200 firefighters from six European countries (Bulgaria, France, Germany, Romania, Norway and Finland) will be assigned to Greece this July and August to support firefighting efforts and exchange knowledge with Greece. According to a press release sent by colleagues.

The program will be implemented by European Civil Protection Mechanism following the devastating wildfires in Greece last year that destroyed more than 100,000 hectares of forest and farmland and destroyed nearly 2,000 homes and businesses, Xinhua news agency reported.

Romanian firefighters are involved in firefighting efforts in Greece in 2021.

Speaking at a ceremony at the Hellenic Fire Academy in Athens on Saturday, Greek Minister for Climate Climate and Civil Protection Christopher Stilianides said: It is tangible, not theoretical ”

Greece suffers from wildfires and winter fires every winter. A.D. In 2018, the deadliest fire in Greece killed 102 people at the Matti Beach Resort near Athens.


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