Sports News Roundup: Portugal battles wildfires amid drought, heat; 29 injured; Wimbledon final proves too steep a hill for Kyrgios to climb and more

Following is a summary of the latest sports news.

There is no tennis-flu, but most of them are at Wimbledon, says Rybakina

Elena Ribakina’s modest celebrations after her victory over Wimbledon on Saturday were largely due to her amazing personality, but she may have reacted in the same way that she did. Ribbakina was just 20 years old when she took her second WTA title in Shenzhen, St. Petersburg and Dubai as the work graph went up in the early 2020 season.

Cycling-Jungles wins ninth round after Covid-19 fears, Pokkar stays in yellow

Bob Jungles won ninth place in the Tour de France on Sunday after a Luxembourg rider prevented him from starting the race last week. The AG2R-Citroen rider underwent a positive test on the eve of the Copenhagen start last Thursday, but a team of doctors was called in after it was decided that the viral load was low.

Motor Racing: Red Bull and Verstappen condemn the behavior of the fans

District owners Red Bull and world champion Max Verstapen joined the Formula One Sunday, condemning spectators’ sexual, racist, and homophobic behavior at the Austrian Grand Prix. Seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton previously said on Instagram that he was “disgusted and disgusted” by what happened on the Red Bull Ring.

The success of tennis ribbons and Wimbledon is ‘no surprise,’ says the president of the Kazakh Federation.

Kazakhstan Tennis Federation President Bulat Utumuratov said on Sunday that Elena Rabakina’s long-term success was the country’s first Grand Prize in the Wimbledon final. Rybakina won 3-6 6-2 6-2 in the first Grand Slam final after beating their favorite Ons Jaber on Saturday.

The tennis-Wimbledon final confirms that Kirgius is too steep to get out

Wimbledon’s Heman Hill is eager to watch the sport’s biggest antidote after the Wimbledon final between John McNenro and the scented sunscreen. Regardless of what is said about Nick Kyrgyz, the Australian has encouraged the competition, in general men’s tennis, but the nature of the fireworks and the willingness of court disputes have divided the Wimbledon spectators into two weeks’ riot.

Tennis-ice-cool Jokovich tackles fiery Kirgos to continue Wimbledon’s love story

Novak Djokovic remained calm in a crowded atmosphere on Sunday to beat Australia’s Nick Kirgius in a stunning final, lifting the seventh Wimbledon trophy to the 21st. Conditions 4-6 6-3 6-4 7-6 (3) To close Rafa Nadal’s 22 Grand Cups for the fourth consecutive trophy.

The threat of a bicycle-CV-19 loomed large over the Tour de France Peloton.

Tadde Pugar’s rivals were drawing their knives when the Tour de France hit the Alps, but the biggest threat to Slovenia’s third consecutive title could be the increase in COVID-19 in Peloton. Within two days, three drivers had to leave the race after being diagnosed with the virus and showing symptoms, raising fears that the team could be damaged when all drivers were tested on Morning Sunday and Monday.

Motor Racing: Ferrari Lecler won after a late fear in Austria

Charles Lክckler survived the late Throttle defeat by defeating Ferrari in the Austrian Grand Prix on Sunday and returned to form a close rival of Formula One world champion Max Verstape. Red Bull Verstape had to sit for a second time, still leading the way with a comfortable 38 points against Monaco after 11 of 22 races and a fast-paced bonus point at the top of Saturday’s speed.

Tennis-Kirgius ‘became a champion’ in the eyes of the family, says Brother

Wimbledon finalist Nick Kirgius is one match away from his first Grand Slam title, but his brother Christos claimed the Australian on Sunday after winning an out-of-court battle with his inner demons. In February, Nick Kirgius, known for his outspokenness and outrage, described his mental health struggle in February and said that he had previously considered suicide.

Tennis: Jokovich made a surprise when he closed the road to the 21st Grand Slam title.

Novak Djokovic has competed in 31 Grand Slam finals and collected 20 titles, but he does not know what to expect from Australia’s Nick Kirgius at Wimbledon on Sunday. The 35-year-old Serbian, who is bidding for the fourth consecutive title, is preparing for each event, but perhaps world number 40 Kirgius can still bring some surprises.

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