Hundreds of forest and conservation leaders, educators and others will join the community and forests at the 2022 SFI / PLT Annual Conference

Over a week ago, more than 350 people gathered from SFI and PLT networks to learn about the most pressing issues and challenges facing people and our planet and how to address forests and environmental education.

SFI’s mission is to promote sustainability through forest-based collaboration, which is why we chose this year’s theme, “Collaboration for Communities and Forests.”

Sustainable forests are vital to our common future. And in the process of our preparation, we have seen how important collaboration and community are to most of our speakers and speakers.

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19 Young professionals and students joined us as members of the SFI Annual Green Mentor Team, and they will continue to develop a consultative relationship with our volunteer counselors and develop skills over the next four months.

At the 2022 PLF Annual Conference, players and consultants posed for a group photo.

Grand Council Agreement No. 3 leaders presented her with a blanket of honor and recognition with SATI President and CEO Katti Abuso.

And SFI President and CEO Kathy Abusso received an unexpected and heartfelt gift from the Grand Council Treaty # 3 Anishinaabe Chiefs of Western Ontario as they presented a blanket ceremony to honor and recognize their contribution to their community.

We hope that after the 2022 SFI / PLT Annual Conference, participants will continue to have this community mindset and look for opportunities to collaborate to promote nature-based solutions after the conference. There are many ways to do this, including meeting with your PLT State Coordinator, supporting forest knowledge in your community, increasing the need for indigenous participation in your organization, coordinating with your SFI Implementation Committee at SFI levels, new or old relationships and ways to support SFI Or get input and more.

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