Hot Notes/ Cool Nites Concerts in the Park features Prairie Wildfire

Hot Notes / Cool Night Concerts in the Park will be held June 27 at 7:00 pm at Lander City Park. Dr. Jeremy Cochran, CWC Band Director, conducts a popular band performing community *****.

The concert will feature guest artist Prairie Wildfire. The three were formed in 2015 and are all women from Buffalo, Wyoming. According to their manager, Karen Blaine, the three actors present a “mix of bluegrass, country and gospel.” “They complied, and they composed many of their own melodies,” says Blaine. “They have become the norm for our concerts because of their amazing voices and engaging performances,” said series manager Kelly Dehnert.

The first trio was in 6.We7th and 8thWe When a ***** teacher plans to overlap their lessons so that they can interact and concentrate. According to Blaine, although they were very different from each other, the girls loved each other’s voices and began to learn the original Sage song that she had prepared to sing at a local talent show. In that talent show, they won first place and asked Gig. They had something special, and they found a spirit of kinship, writing their own song and growing up together.

His CD “Home Town Hearts” was released in June 2018, featuring six original songs, one song from his mentor David Stuart and three other covers. During their five years together, the women have made history throughout the region by working on festivals, the historic Oxygenist Salon, the Dud Farm and the ***** venue.


Hot Notes | Cool Nits Concerts are partially supported by Lander and Riverton Recreation Boards, Rangers, Home Source Realty, Wyoming Arts Council, Sink Canyon Therapy, In at Lander and by Gerrard Law Offices. The concerts are free, but Dehnert said, “We will pass on the soap to any audience that contributes to the series.”

The band has always been looking for young and old musicians. We would like to give musicians in our community the opportunity to put on their instruments and present a wonderful summer ***** evening to the audience. The group rehearses before the concerts and eats dinner at 5pm. He said interested musicians should email Dr. Kochan at the college. [email protected] For more information or to register.

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