Paradise Lakes Campground Owner Recalls Wharton State Forest Wildfire – CBS Philly

HAMMONTON, NJ (CBS) – A 98-acre wildfire has been contained in the jungles of Warton, New Jersey. This is a brief statement from government firefighters on Wednesday morning.

Even after a massive wildfire three weeks ago, you can still find debris, burnt trees and a brush and fire line.

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Not long after, firefighters were battling a new but less severe fire.

The sun peeked through the trees and shone from the water.

Scott Miller, owner of the Lakes Camp Camp, said: “I could have been completely burned.

Miller said the only thing standing between his business and the Mullica Hill fire at Wharton State Park in June was the lake.

He pointed to the burning tree line along the way.

If you look closely, you can see the dry, dark bottom of the trees.

“All you could see was a flame,” Miller said.

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The Mulica River fire is the largest wildfire in New Jersey in 15 years. It started about three miles away and was sometimes driven by the wind. Officials said the fire was caused by an illegal fire.

Miller said firefighters were called to evacuate the property when it became clear that the fire was escalating.

“I started telling everyone to go,” Miller said. “Stop talking because we will fall into a trap.”

Despite the usual business there, a few miles away, the New Jersey Forest Fire Service and local firefighters are trying to put out another wildfire – the Maple branch fire. It’s off Maple Branch and Bulltown Road. Contains 100%.

“Every time you hear a fire, the first thing you think about is coming our way,” says Miller. Is it near you?

Miller said he could not thank the firefighters for saving his life, keeping those in the camp and keeping the business.

“I’m very lucky, I’m very lucky, but I have a lot of support,” he said.

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According to Miller, forest firefighters are still coming and are checking hot spots to make sure everyone is safe in the future.

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