Birds set ablaze by power lines are causing a huge number of wildfires

A study on birds and wildfires. ”Wild earth fires ignited by Evanian electrodes“Published in the magazine Announcement of the Wildlife Association.

Birds burned by power lines are causing massive wildfires 01 |

Especially on hot days people, lightning and even the sun are common causes of wildfires. However, birds that like to travel on power lines can sometimes connect two wires or make contact with the ground, resulting in electric shocks.

Researchers at ADM International, a Colorado-based engineering consulting firm, reported the fires that occurred between 2014 and 2018, citing unconfirmed reports of bird flu, narrowing the results. Finally, they identified 44 wildfires caused by drought and other environmental factors.

Most of the fires burned about 1.2 acres[1.2 ha]which is approximately two American football fields. But a wildfire in Chile in 2014 destroyed 2,500 homes and killed 13 people, with widespread damage believed to have been caused by birds. A.D. In 2015, a wildfire that burned more than 4,000 acres[4,000 ha]in Idaho, about 12 times as much as New York City Central Park, also caught birds.

You can read more from the study over here.

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