JBS unveils forest fire taskforce to protect 2.5 million hectares in Brazil

But the world’s biggest meat producer insists it is confident it can achieve plans to monitor its entire supply chain by 2025, including questionable indirect suppliers that have been linked to illegal deforestation in Brazil. Technology is key, it claims and it is currently attempting to improve traceability of the supply chain through satellite and blockchain.

It has now unveiled a new plan to protect 2.5 million hectares of Brazilian Pantanal via a forest fire taskforce that aims to protect 2.5 million hectares of the biome through early fire detection, big data analysis and rapid response. JBS is investing R$ 26 milhões (US$ 5.33 million) in the initiative and claims the project is estimated to generate a CO2 reduction of 15 million tons.

One of the world’s largest environmental preservation projects deploying rapid detection and advanced firefighting capability, the Embrace the Pantanal initiative will combine highly equipped and qualified forestry brigades with next generation analytical, operational and community impact data, JBS announced.

Initially more than 2.5 million hectares (an area roughly the size of Belgium) will be monitored in Serra do Amolar, the central Pantanal region, overseen by IHP which had more than 90% of its protection network affected by the 2020 mega fires.

Early detection of outbreaks will be facilitated by software developed by umgrauemeio. The 24/7 system processes high resolution images captured from communication tower cameras through an artificial intelligence algorithm and automatically identifies fire outbreaks and notifies the teams.

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