Volunteer firefighters share details on water tender crash

Josh and Jane Chambers love volunteering because it is a pastime that serves the community. On Tuesday, that hobby was nearing its end.

Grant County, Wash – Josh and Jane Chambers are volunteer firefighters at the Grant County Fire Station. He said he loves volunteering as it is a hobby that serves the community.

In the midst of several brush fires in the area on Tuesday, the couple were bidding for 700 gallons of water.

As I tried to help fight the growing number of brush fires in Grant County, the auction overturned on the side of the road and dried the couple down, almost collapsing.

“I had to dig the bottom of the trash and Jenny was kind to me and she was dripping blood just because she had a big donut on her head,” said Josh Chambers. “The sun was coming straight at us. I didn’t have a clear view of the road. I knew a curve was coming and I knew we were on the shoulder. The shoulder gave way and it was kind of a slow movement.”

Firefighters and paramedics rescued them and took them to the hospital. The couple is still recovering from many injuries.

“From shoulder to toe,” said Jane Chambers. “I’m black and blue. I have six main things in my head.”

Josh says he has a fractured hairline on his spine and a stretched wrist.

Chambers has been married for 20 years and loves to serve his community as volunteer firefighters. Despite the horrific experience, they continue their firefighting while doing what they love and waiting for the next call.

Chambers said water bidding is one of three for the station. Additional staff said the station would not have the funds to replace the truck soon. Josh said that the initial loss during the fire would negatively affect their ability to respond.

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