Thousands more evacuated near French forest fire

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BORDEAUX: Thousands of people were being evicted from their homes in southwestern France on Monday as wildfires raged in the region, local officials said.
Firefighters were struggling to contain the blaze near Dune de Pilat, Europe’s highest sand dune and a summer tourist destination, as fast-changing winds raised the risk of spreading to residential areas under clouds of dangerous smoke, he said.
“The smoke is toxic,” a fire department spokesman said. Arnaud Mendousse he told AFP. “Protecting the public is a public health issue.”
More than 5,000 people were displaced Miklotsthe southern neighborhood of the city Teste-de-bookThey were told to leave Pila-sur-Mer with 3,000 others and head east.
The fire is one of two major wildfires in the country since the beginning of last week. Girdonde Region South Bordeaux Parts of France are heating up.

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