Texas A&M Forest Service warns large wildfires possible across state

College Station, Texas – Tuesday The Texas A&M Forest Service warned of warming and dry conditions in the state.

According to the agency’s news report, these conditions could lead to severe wildfires by the weekend.

The three-digit temperature and dry conditions will reduce the moisture content of the plants and increase the risk of wildfires this week, the Forest Service said.

Tuesday’s fire will have potential for large-scale wildfires in the vicinity of Wichita Pute, Fort Worth, Wako, Austin, San Antonio, San Angelo and Abilene. Parts of East Texas could be exposed to wildfires near Athens, Tyler, Longway, Palestine, and Huntville.

“More complications in the fire area this week could be a thunderstorm,” said Luke Canceller, a Texas A&M Forest Service fire analyst. “Extreme fires are caused by lightning, which is caused by drought and vegetation. Increasing wind speeds from local thunderstorms could result in a sudden increase in fire hazards, posing a safety risk for firefighters.

Firefighters continued their efforts to quell a number of wildfires in the state, including a blanket in Brooks County (5,900 acres, 70%).

Complete manpower and additional suppression equipment are being developed in Edinburgh, East Texas and the Rio Grande Valley.

Although the Rio Grande Valley is not endangered, forest service reminds Texans to be aware of wildfires. Contact local authorities immediately in the event of a wildfire. Quick response helps save lives and property.

For current conditions and wildfires, visit Texas Fire potential https://bit.ly/3kemhbG.

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