Landscaping Partnership Asia Restore dry land and drought-prone areas

Korea’s Minister of Forestry Choi Bayong-Am has officially taken office. Landscape Partnership AsiaThe world’s largest forest and land reclamation program in Asia, Monday, May 2, 2022 at the World Forest Congress in Seoul, Republic of Korea.

“Drought-prone and drought-prone areas are not only ecological but also home to 2.5 billion people,” he said. “30% of the world’s dry land is in Asia, and much of it needs to be rehabilitated. This is not impossible. Despite difficult times, the Republic of Korea has restored its current forest ecosystem. South Korea’s gross domestic product (GDP) did not reach $ 500 per capita when it began forest reforestation. We achieve success with the desire to engage with people, regardless of gender or gender, without technology and resources. The countries in Asia were in a better position than Korea at that time, so I strongly believe that you can do that if you have the will.

CIFOR-ICRAF Managing Director Robert Nassie says dry land is far from overgrown with existing rehabilitation and climate agendas. However, this type of ecosystem stores a large amount of biodiversity and carbon. Dry areas of Asia are overlooked. Dry land resources are vital to crop, wood production and livestock production and to the livelihoods of millions of people. However, dry land is one of the most degraded and poorly managed ecosystems. It brings presence Landscape Partnership Asia Completely relevant and up-to-date. Although not much, we still have time to change things.

Landscape Partnership Asia It is a multi-stakeholder platform for the implementation of evidence-based techniques in the ‘Participation’ network on dry land rehabilitation and performance-based investments in drought-prone areas in Asia. This investment is expected to reduce the impact of climate change, build resilience in forests, meadows, agricultural landscapes, and improve livelihoods. The partnership will be linked to other reform initiatives – such as the Bonn Challenge, the United Nations Decades of Ecological Renewal and the Food and Agriculture Organization’s Asia-Pacific Forest Restoration Strategy, the United Nations – to form a coalition.

The partnership is co-founded by the Asian Forest Cooperation Organization, CIFOR-ICRAF and the Global Green Alliance.

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