LEC x Against The Current: Wildfire l 2022 Spring Promo

You ain’t seen nothing yet…
Spring season starts on Friday, January 14th at 5pm CET.

They say it started like a wildfire
It’s kind of funny that you had me written off dead
Now we’re coming for the empire
So now you love me, but you ain’t seen nothing yet

Go tell them watch me
Keep your eyes on me
I caught you sleeping before
Now I’m in your head
You can’t close it, the doors are open
Nah, you ain’t seen nothing yet

They say it started like a wildfire
I feel it spreading in a new way bout right now
Change the game, build an empire
lf you’re ready we can spark it up
We can spark this all right now

I hear the roar of the wildfire, it makes me wanna aim higher
We have to take control
I’m always chasing, the path I’m facing, ignites the fighter
Time to take what’s yours

Just stand and watch us, keep your eyes on us
Always leaving our mark, living in your head
Can’t contain us, there’s no escaping
Nah, you ain’t seen nothing yet


We’re just getting started
Fire in our blood but we’re still cold hearted
Eyes on the prize
Do what we gotta do to secure our rise
Like pioneers, with no fear
Never back down, this our frontier
Ash on the path don’t get too near
Blazing a trail, never adhere
Yeah the road we chose is only built for the pros
And we gon walk it through the highs and the lows
Clutches and throws, got the crown, never letting it go
Royalty, you ain’t getting the throne,
Leaders of a new empire
Clawed our way up from the muck and mire
Nothing will take from us, all these desires
We’re at the summit, we’re still going higher
We are the crucible, we are the fire

Chorus x 2


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