Lift your heads and breathe again, your salvation is here to stay.

For at least a week.

Any escape from the smoke of wildfires.

Just saying ‘.

It’s time to start playing your favorite songs about clear skies and bright sunlight.

West WA

The approaching weather system is clouding smoke from the Northern California wildfires over the area and very little is expected to mix. Don’t expect anything worse than Moderate Between now and tomorrow, and then everything is turned east. You must have a beautiful sunset today.

East WA

Relief operations began on Monday afternoon, and yesterday’s weather system helped put out the fires even more. Not just by pushing it into BC, but by mixing it into a deeper layer. Here is a timeline of all the fine particle monitors in eastern Western Australia showing how levels decreased starting Monday at the sites closest to the fires and then more steadily yesterday. This is an average 8 hour runtime for noise attenuation. especially Moderate The air is in eastern WA now, except for some Unhealthy for sensitive groups Closer to the Mithu Valley fires.

Yesterday’s thunderstorms sparked a few new fires. Even if it’s mostly relatively small, tonight’s winds can be expected to “stoke the flames,” so this is well worth a watch. New fires are also a concern:

The big change begins on Thursday with cooler temperatures, winds and a large amount of wet rain drenching the fires. After rain, cooler temperatures and good ventilation conditions are expected for several days, so there doesn’t seem to be any imminent risk of a return to what we saw last weekend. especially Good to me Moderate Air and no worse than Under-Secretary-General Closer to fires.

Five-day smoke forecasts from ecology currently overestimate concentrations, and this is an artifact of how some machine learning models struggle with characterizing large shifts in weather. Typical solutions are weighted more by smoke levels observed the previous day. Furthermore, smoke and cloud cover over the past few days have prevented satellites from detecting ongoing fires, resulting in a lower estimate of smoke conditions over a few days. These errors do not make up for each other. The forecaster community is working to identify solutions to these and other problems, so smoke forecasts will continue to develop products.

Here PM is derived from satellite2.5 Concentrations for Monday and Tuesday. Note data gaps in areas where cloud cover or smoke is evident. The stark transition as you cross the waterfalls. Mountains holding smoke in the bay.

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