How do wildfires start and spread in dry weather?

(WETM) – The recent spate of hot and dry weather in most parts of the state is prompting New York City residents to warn of wildfires, especially while in camp.

The NYS Department of Environmental Affairs issued a July 14 warning, warning firefighters and how easily wildfires can spread and spread throughout the year in dry weather.

DEC says most of New York State is currently relatively vulnerable to fire, and can spread quickly even when the wind blows. Data from the DCC indicate that fires and burning debris are among the top five causes of wildfires for most states.

The agency offers the following recommendations for New York residents who live in the woods or burn wood and brush.

  • Use as many camp fire rings as possible;
  • Stay away from hanging branches, steep slopes, rotten stumps, trunks, dry grass and leaves Build a campfire. Cut more wood out of the fire;
  • Clean the area around the ring with leaves, branches and other combustible materials;
  • Leave the fire unattended. Even a small breeze can cause the fire to spread rapidly; And
  • Drain the fire with water. Make sure all charcoal, charcoal and wood are wet. Move the stones as there may be burning coals.
  • Never burn on a windy day;
  • Check and comply with all local laws and regulations;
  • Burning in the morning when humidity is high and the wind is low;
  • Clean all combustibles 10 to 15 feet around the fire;
  • Let the pile burn a little, then add a small amount of ingredients as the combustion increases.
  • Always have a garden hose, shovel, bucket of water or other means to put out the fire. And
  • When done, rinse the fire with water, making sure all materials, charcoal and coal are wet.

Do not burn household waste;

  • Garbage burning is prohibited in all cases at the state level. Combustion regulations prohibit the burning of domestic waste by wood stoves, fireplaces and outdoor wood stoves;
  • DEC recommends the reuse of all appropriate materials (such as newspaper, paper, glass and plastic) and the development of organic kitchen and vegetable waste.
  • Burning leaves is prohibited in New York State. DEC encourages the development of leaves; And
  • Throwing flags or religious objects in small fire is permitted unless prohibited by law and regulations.

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