Grant Boosts Marin County Fire Department to Help Fight Wildfires – NBC Bay Area

The Marine County Fire Department is making significant progress by raising millions of dollars to increase the number of firefighters.

It comes from the region, and can help with firefighting areas around the state and territory.

The county itself has worked with the five contract districts, along with Senator * Mike McGregor and state chairman Mark Levine, and Cal Fire, to raise additional funding for all contract districts, ”said Capt. Matt Wilson, Marine County Fire Department.

Watson said this means an increase in staff financial support and numbers.

“In the last few years, we have had two employees. Our staff has gone from 14 people to 22 people each year. Next year, there will be 4 employees and four employees will go to 14 people,” he said.

Watson said $ 3.7 million this year, $ 5 million next year and more. They include craftsmen who play a key role.

“Craftsmen are in there. They’re cutting lines. They’re cutting brushes. “Every day there is a wildfire in the Marines, which helps to increase manpower. If there is no fire, it will help reduce fuel shortages in the region.

Firefighters say they are using tools to penetrate remote areas, dig and dig lines.

“Plant management is the biggest thing every day and when a fire breaks out, they increase the response in the marine and then allow us to send resources across the state.”

This change is in addition to the new firefighters. Marine County Fire in Amador County has assets on Electra Fire and still has other personnel to protect the Marine.

He said the flexibility of the financial support plays an important role.

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