Greece: Wildfires rage near Athens after temperatures soared to 36°C

Firefighters and volunteers are trying to contain the blaze on the outskirts of Athens

Firefighters and volunteers try to contain the blaze on the outskirts of Athens (Picture Photo Noor Photo / REX / shutterstock)

Apocalyptic scenes were filmed in Athens after a wildfire broke out last night.

Firefighters and volunteers rushed to the plains of the Chisto Corridor, just outside the Greek capital, at 10:00 p.m.

A transient video taken by a local photographer shows the fire spreading several meters away from the overlapping houses.

There were clips of white smoke billowing into the dark sky on social media from various parts of Athens.

Greek authorities say at least 54 firefighters and 13 vehicles were partially arrested at 4 a.m. as they battled the blaze.

Shocking photos show discouraged volunteers intervening to prevent a potential disaster for local homes and infrastructure.

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Temperatures in Athens rose to 30 degrees Fahrenheit[36 ° C]yesterday, and strong winds may have contributed to the blaze.

There have been no official estimates of injuries and no reports of people leaving their homes.

This morning, a fire broke out in Attica, 15 miles from the capital.

Another wildfire was partially contained in a forest near Crete.

In all, 115 city fires have been called in by firefighters in the last 24 hours.

Firefighters withstood the fires in Athens

At least 54 firefighters and 13 vehicles were involved in the blaze.

Firefighters withstood the fires in Athens

Volunteers also helped control the situation (Picture Live Photo / REX / shutterstock)

Firefighters withstood the fires in Athens

Fire Service calls for 115 city fires in 24 hours

The Ministry of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection has warned of more fires in Attica, Central and South Euphrates, Argolles, Boutea and Corinth.

This happened weeks after residents were forced to flee their homes on the outskirts of Athens following a similar wildfire.

Last year, thousands of key areas of the city and surrounding villages were evacuated by wildfires.

At the time, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis made it clear that ‘next summer’ he will not hesitate to invite foreign firefighters with experience in forest fires. ‘

As a result, 250 forest firefighters from other European countries are currently being prepared to assist Greek authorities, local media reported.

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