Schoolcraft County wildfire expected to be contained by Tuesday night | WJMN


The blaze, which was reported Saturday afternoon, started on East of County Road 454.

Although DNA is under investigation, it is believed that lightning is the main cause of the fire.

Lower and Upper Peninsula firefighters joined the effort, with the help of people and equipment from the Seni National Wildlife Sanctuary.

When the fire was reported on Saturday, it was estimated that 80 percent of the fire had been extinguished on Sunday night. DNR reports that no-wheeled vehicles can reach the area, so a drone with an infrared camera helped provide better information on the magnitude of the fire and what was burning.

No constructions were damaged and no damage was done. The fire spread quickly through the first swamp grass, but when it reached the trees it cooled down. Streams and streams, along with artificial barriers, helped keep the fire from spreading rapidly.

Initially, the fire spread rapidly through swampy grasses, but after reaching trees and large plants, it cooled rapidly. The fire was contained by streams of streams and streams and seized vehicles and by a line of workers on pumps and pipes.

The fire is expected to be completely contained by Tuesday night, and workers will continue to work in the area over the next few days.

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