Contra Costa County air quality advisory extended

CONTRA COSTA COUNTY (KRON) — Residents of eastern Contra Costa County are being advised to limit being outside this weekend after the Bay Area Air Quality Management District extended an air quality advisory until Monday. The advisory applies to cities such as Pittsburgh, Antioch, Bay Point and Concord.

Wildfires in the Bay Area are making breathing difficult for some. In particular, smoke from the Marsh Fire is expected to affect eastern Contra Costa towns that include Oakley and Brentwood.

The Marsh fire in 2010 According to a press release from the Coastal Air Quality Management District, sea breezes are expected to disperse the smoke during the day. However, when winds die down at night, pollution levels can rise into the early morning hours.

Pollutant levels are not expected to exceed the national 24-hour health threshold and an air exchange warning is not currently in effect. The air district said it will closely monitor air quality in the area due to the Marsh Fire and other fires.

Airspace has issued the following guidelines to reduce exposure to fumes:

  • Keep windows and doors closed until the smoke subsides
  • Prepare air conditioning units and car ventilation systems for recirculation
  • The elderly, children and people with respiratory ailments should take extra precautions to avoid exposure.

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