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Locha is a Scottish Gelic for little ones, and is a wonderful place to reconnect with nature and stretch your legs.

Here is a list of some of our favorite lochans waiting for you to explore in Scotland.

Aerial view of the three towers between the Kyrgyzstan Mountains in Utah Lochans

Uath Lochans

A forest of pools and great views.

This’s smaller than the beaten track but is worth a narrow twist, because it is one of the most beautiful jungles around. The name ‘Uath Lochan’ means ‘Little Hawthons’ in Gallic. There are two options to choose from. As the Farletter Craig Trail takes you up to Lochin Views in the middle of the Spanish Valley.

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A man in a blue jacket stood in front of an old bridge over a stone river

The Green Loch

A wonderful blend of long pine, heather and blueberry.

Alt Moore is a beautiful pine land with heather and pine. Take a short walk and follow the blue trail to the Ryvoan Trail. Here you will find the beautiful Lochan Uaine or The Green Lochan. This will add 2.4 km on the road but is good for travel. Look for the small headstone in the lodge of Denston family pets buried a hundred years ago.

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A small lock in the woods with lily covers

Loch and Dunich

Civilians with a mysterious history are alive.

This is a truly quiet place to relax or unwind. Take a short walk around the open oakwoods and locusts along this short path. The name Locha and Dunayich means ‘sadness’ in Gaelic, and Kelpi is said to have harmed this water.

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