Wildfire in Iraqi wetland causes air pollution in Iran


Tehran – Air pollution and smoke from the Al-Azim swamp in Iraq have alarmed the cities of the province of Kusistan.

This is the second fire in Iraq’s wetlands in less than a month.

Al-Azim’s swampy area in Iraq has been hit by drought, water shortages and high temperatures, according to Hovizeh interim governor Iyad Mohawri.

In less than a month, the second fire in the wetlands of Iraq has affected the cities of Iran, Ahvaz, Hovezeh, Hamidiyah and Karun.

From now on, the wildfire will put the Ahvaz air quality indicator in a dangerous state (335 ppm).

Al-Azim is an important swamp on the Iranian-Iraqi border that has dried up due to oil projects and turned into a big sand and dust storm and has not been given the right to water.


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