NJ begins campfire restrictions amid dry weather, three wildfires

WASHINGTON, Washington (TWP) – The New Jersey Forest Fire Service said Wednesday that it is restricting firefighting camps in one of the three states in response to persistent dry weather and multiple fires on acres in recent weeks.

According to Greg McLawlin, head of the forest fire service and state fireman, the current “A” applies only to Class A, which covers the northern half of the park between Mercer and Middlex. The service’s Facebook page last Friday.

According to McLean, fires in these areas are only allowed in “high and low” rooms, such as charcoal grills.

However, the announcement came in the midst of a recent forest fire update on three recent wildfires in southern “B”, one of which occurred Tuesday in Watton County Forests.

Forest Fire Service Boundaries

New Jersey Forest Fire Service

That fire and other fires last month are now thought to be 100% contained in the forested state of Brendan T. Byron, officials said Wednesday, but another 13,000 acres in Wharton is less than that percentage weeks after Father’s Day.

“We’ve got 95% of the fire going on and it’s still burning in some low and swampy ground,” said Sean Judy, a Class B firefighter.

Rob Aurmler, Warton State Forest Superintendent, on Wednesday tried to define New Jersey’s massive wildfires over the years.

“That fire affected 80 miles of hiking trails and mountain bikes, 15 miles of our river system, and completely burned down one of our camps,” Aurmler said.

Dan Zarro’s weather blog continues with NG, standing, hot, mostly dry weather

McLaughlin said the peak season for forest fires in New Jersey is usually spring, but it has been pushed a little later this year, and visitors should be vigilant.

“What we are seeing and experiencing right now is the dry design and the lack of rainfall, and we are also seeing very low humidity,” he said. “99% of forest fires are man-made, and as we know and as we have said before, these may be accidental (or) they may have been intentional.”

Patrick Laverry is a New Jersey 101.5 reporter and anchor. You can contact him at patrick.lavery@townsquaremedia.com.

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