Paul Trianosky Dr. Sharon Hans Memorial Award for Creative and Sustainable Leadership

Madison, WI Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI) Introduces Dr. Sharon Haynes Memorial Award for Innovation and Sustainability at the 2022 SFI / Project Learning Tree (PLT) Annual Conference. June 15, 2022. This is what happened to SFI Chief of Staff Paul Trianoski. Recipient of the Year. During his stay at SFI, Trianoski laid the groundwork for SFI to focus on forest certification by promoting critical forest values ​​in terms of climate change, biodiversity and water.

SFI and International Paper created this award in honor of Dr. Sharon Heins. Prior to his sudden death in 2007, Dr. Haynes was the International Director of the Office of Sustainability. “The award honors Sharon’s legacy by recognizing those who contribute to sustainable forest development, and Paul has done so through collaborative projects with the SFI community and stakeholders,” said Ross Congo, Sustainability Manager, International Paper.

CATI ABOSOW, SFI President and CEO, said: “One of Paul’s hallmarks is the ability to engage in sustainable forest management as a natural solution to conservation issues.

Since 2013, Trianoski has led the SFI to focus on conserving more than 350 million acres / 140 million hectares of protected forests. The success of his signature has led to the work of SFI Protection, which measures carbon sequestration, modified or acquired biodiversity, and purified water on the SFI footprint. The results of this work are summarized in this week’s report entitled “The Impact of SFI Protection – Decades of Success”.

“Paul is an ideological leader on the challenges of sustainable forest development and the challenges of balancing conservation results. Finding solutions to these challenges, the approach was inclusive, creative and respectful. Not surprisingly, Dr. Haley Hamilton, chief scientist in the Nature Service, combined with his integrity, humor, and flawless Southern manners, had a significant impact on Paul’s sustainable development.

The SFI Protection Grants program was developed under the leadership of Trianosky and collaborated with SFI-certified organizations and conservation and academic researchers. It has set up a Conservation Impact Sounding Board to incorporate the conservation community as part of the SFI conservation work. The Board of Trustees will help SFI talents and partners provide input, direction, and mobilization to ensure the appropriateness of security around the SFI network.

“Cooperation is part of Paul’s DNA. As ABC has worked with SFI and more than a dozen SFF-certified organizations to understand and promote the values ​​of endangered forests, Paul has always been with us — encouraging creativity, allowing flexibility and pushing for greater results. It has expanded its partner network and has helped us through sustainable forest management to the conservation of the continent.

Prior to joining the SFI, Trianoski was director of Southern Forest Protection at the US Forest Foundation. Trianoski has served in various capacities at Nature Conservancy. A.D. He was part of a group that negotiated the purchase of 220,000 acres / 89,000 hectares of land from international paper in 2006 — the largest conservation transaction in South American history.

“I have enjoyed working with Paul for many years. He is a true man. He always has the ability to say what I say! Stable and measurable behavior is guaranteed to help any group grow without divisive thinking, and good humor will always make the process easier and more enjoyable, said Mike Par, president of bird conservation in the United States.

“Paul left his mark on sustainable forestry. Deep protection is a participatory way of sharing knowledge and has made a significant contribution to the development of the SFI as an organization, ”said Abuso. “We are all very much looking forward to Paul in SFI and the wider forest sector, but his work will have an impact after his retirement this summer.”

About Dr. Sharon G. Haynes

Dr. Sharon G. Haynes was the first Director of the International Paper Sustainability Bureau. Its successes include developing many of the company’s innovative partnerships with conservation groups, directing sustainable forest development programs, promoting projects to protect the company’s land, establishing sustainable national and international forest policy issues, and advising colleagues. To help them improve their skills. Heins was elected a member of the American Forest Association and received the 2005 American Forest and Paper Association Award. She was a member of the National Commission for Sustainable Forest Science and worked with the World Trade Council for sustainable development. The SFI and International Papers created the Sharon Heins Award for Creativity and Sustainable Leadership in honor of Dr. Sharon Heine’s sudden death on August 10, 2007.

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