Climate threat spreads like wildfire

California Governor Newsom may try to convince Floridians to move to California, but Florida and the East Coast will be flooded with West Coasters in the next few decades. The American Southwest is facing the worst drought in more than 1,200 years, and increasing desertification, wildfires, water scarcity and rising energy costs are causing widespread climate change.

Florida is not immune to the many challenges facing the West today. The nonprofit First Street Foundation predicts Florida will be the state most at risk of wildfires. In the year By 2052, Palm Beach County will have the same fire risk as Butte County, California. Butte County is home to the 2018 Camp Fire, which killed 85 people, destroyed 19,000 structures and caused $18 billion in damage. In the year Between 2017 and 2018, the California wildfire season is estimated to have cost insurers 26 years of guaranteed profits. If you think Florida insurance premiums are high now, they will be unimaginable in a few years. or not.

Florida must prepare for this future. Increasing the number of houses and reducing the number of houses built in the forest-urban interface will greatly reduce the risk. Urban sprawl puts communities at risk of fires as high temperatures dry out Florida’s dense vegetation. High-density housing is smart climate policy and smart public-safety policy. Let’s get to work.

Bryce Machino Orlando

The Constitution, as I and almost everyone else has learned, spells out what our rights are and what those rights are given to all US citizens. It is not abortion that I am for or against, but where is this right found in the constitution? The Supreme Court has said this, and the voters of each state can do what they want. I hear the argument about the right to privacy, but you can use that argument as justification for any behavior you want as long as it’s done in private.

If someone is going to believe that a constitutional right has been taken away, please tell me that certain rights in the constitution are only for a certain group. I’m male, and I can’t get pregnant unless I sleep at school. Where are my rights?

When one group is given certain rights and not another, it doesn’t end well.

Carpus group Apopka

Monday’s op-ed on the Supreme Court’s EPA ruling has some tricky points. The worst part was that US CO2 emissions are declining rapidly. In fact, they increased by 7% last year, while the average annual decline from 2005 to 2019 was 1%. Comparing US output to China is also misleading. The per capita carbon footprint of Chinese residents is small compared to ours.

What is the benefit of reducing the climate issue? I like that he wrote “let’s go” in the closing, but we don’t make people leave by pretending things are okay. During campaign season, let’s ask our candidates about their plans to reduce national carbon dioxide emissions.

Jeff Dorian. Orlando

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