Paradise Rebuilt to Withstand Wildfire: After Burning Down, California Town Sees Hope

Paradise California was destroyed by a wildfire four years ago. Thanks to a new project, residents will be able to rebuild “better, safer and stronger” than ever before.

Paradise after campfire

(Photo by Frank Schullenberg)
Paradise after campfire

Residents of a California village witnessed the devastation caused by a wildfire.

The danger

Four years ago, the deadliest wildfire in California history was about to engulf the city. Camp Fire destroyed a paradise 170 miles northeast of San Francisco and 90 miles northeast of Sacramento in November 2018, burning 18,000 homes, businesses and other structures and displacing many of the city’s 26,500 people. The fire destroyed 153,336 hectares of land, killing at least 85 people and injuring more than a dozen.

In the years following the disaster, Paradise was gradually rebuilt with the help of a new program to prevent future fires. Paradise residents are participating in a wildfire program in partnership with the Non-Profit Insurance Institute Business and Home Safety to ensure that their new homes are built with fire-retardant materials and meet the high standards of fire safety. – The most vulnerable areas in the country.

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Recent update

“As a community, we will be healed,” said Paradise Cruiser Mayor Steve Cruiser at a recent news conference. “It is important that we build a better, safer and more resilient environment than ever before.”

Starting July 14, new homes built in Paradise will be needed to get IBHS wildlife designation. Builders must meet many new guidelines, such as installing fire-resistant ventilation ducts, roofs, roofs, and insulation materials.

“We have enacted strict municipal legislation that requires all new homes to meet the standard of wildfire,” Crawder said.

The IBHS wildfire protection system targets dangerous new homes, such as roofs where fires can start.

“It’s really important for homeowners to take care of their roofs, clean up debris and pine needles and everything on the roof,” said IBHS research engineer Faraz Hedaati.

Another important step in the construction of a wildfire is to clean the area around the house from any flammable substances. This flying charcoal will prevent fires in homes.

“When they meet the wall, they go back,” Hedayat said. “And by clearing that area of ​​dirt or vegetation, we make sure that those charcoal do not burn anything.”

IBHS is collaborating with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) on a disaster relief program to help homeowners improve their homes to get ready for wildfires for 1,400 homes rebuilt in Paradise.

Improved structures

Wildlife Preparation House Standards have recently been enshrined in the Garden City Council Code, which provides a unified strategy for residents returning to the city to reduce the risk of wildfires. About 8,000 people returned in June, and 350 companies opened. A.D. By 2035, the population is expected to be 75% higher than before the fire.

Roy Wright, president and CEO of IBHS, who lost family members at Camp Fire, said the city’s growing population could be a model for the rest of California.

Wright added: “A wildfire home will provide a clear way to reduce the chances of rebuilding the community from ash to other communities in California.

Return to Paradise

It is safe to say that wildfires in California are expected to increase in July. According to the US Drought Monitor, the entire state is suffering from drought. Drought time. Approximately 60% of California is experiencing a severe drought. According to officials, the ongoing threat is focused on the need for a fire-resistant housing.

“We are seeing more fires … we believe these efforts will greatly reduce the risk,” Hedayat said.

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