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Winter has arrived, and Mt. Hood National Forest officials are urging those who travel to public lands to take precautionary measures against wildfires and natural disasters. Currently at Mt. While there are no fire safety restrictions in Hood National Forest, camps and picnics are encouraged to always plan carefully before starting a camp fire, according to a press release.

“Fireworks and landmines will never be allowed on national forests, regardless of weather or conditions,” the statement said. “The possession, disposal or use of any type of fireworks or other pyrotechnic equipment is prohibited.

Offenders are subject to a maximum penalty of $ 5,000 and / or up to six months’ imprisonment (36 CFR 261.52). Fireworks are also banned by the Land Administration Bureau, the National Park Service, and other public lands administered by Oregon State Parks, as well as most county and city parks.

Fires on public lands are the number one source of wildfires, according to a press release. If you are planning to have a fire, please remember to attend

• Keep your fireplace away from small and flammable objects.

• Use a designated fire ring when available.

• Keep water and shovels nearby, and do not leave fire unattended.

• Extinguish your campfire completely by immersing your fire in water and blowing with a shovel.

• Make sure your fire is cool to the touch before it goes out – if it is too hot to touch, it is too hot to release.

• Portable fire pits and profile “flat” switches are a good alternative to shedding sold-out slugs quickly.

More information about recreation areas, seasonal road closures, and wildfires is available at

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