Massive forest fire rages in Greece

A massive forest fire is raging in the Elysian region of northwestern Peloponnese, killing more than 195 firefighters, seven infantry and 48 vehicles, according to the Greek Fire Department.

The blaze broke out Sunday afternoon near the city of Achaia. Residents of four villages have been displaced due to the threat to residential buildings.

He was involved in the destruction of six planes and five helicopters before dark. At dawn, two planes and two helicopters drop water on the fire.

According to the fire forecast map, the region is in the highest risk category, RIA Novosti reported.

On Sunday, 53 forest fires were reported in Greece. The worst was in the peninsula near Attica Metropolitan, Puerto Catsica on the island of Lifada, and near the town of Cristos, south of the island of Uboi.

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