Wildfire-ravaged Oregon community hosts Irish track team

Irish athletes have chosen to train for the World Athletics Championships in the McKenzie River Valley, a sign of hope among the community.

Lan County, Ore. – The Irish team is ready for the Oregon 22 World Athletics Championships, which starts in Eugene on Friday.

“We came here to do business. We are here to compete. We are here to compete with the best in the world and represent Ireland. So, yes, you are trying to see the game face to face, ”said Irish team captain Paul McNamara.

This is the first time a track and field event has been held in the United States. Athletes from nearly 200 countries compete.

Some of these groups have chosen to practice and relax in rural areas of the state. KJW met the Irish team in the McKenzie River Valley outside Eugene.

The group has been practicing the McKenzie Community Track and Aaron and Marie Jones Community for the past week or so. Locals say Vida, Ore, is located in the Blue River town, 50 minutes east of Eugene.

Related Oregon is preparing to host the World Athletics Championships in Eugene.

Some athletes say that they are full of nerves and curiosity as the day draws to a close. After many days of practice, they said they were enjoying their stay in the McKenzie River Valley.

Sarah Healy, who runs the 1,500 meters, said: “She is beautiful and handsome and everyone is really welcoming.

“It was really good. Many people [have been] He is supporting us, ”said Mark English, a member of the 800-meter hurdles team.

The Englishman said his goal was to get used to the weather while leading the race this weekend. As Haley’s day drew to a close, she said she was trying to stay relaxed and excited.

For those who live in the area, hosting the team after a few years is a great honor. In September 2020, a Hollywood farm fire broke out in the area.

The city of Oregon has caught fire to prepare the Irish track team for the World Athletics Championships.

“The presence of the Irish team here is further proof that this is a good place,” said Jeff Sherman, a resident of the Blue River.

In the early 1980’s, Sherman was a major supporter of the new track. He said he had been a schoolteacher for 31 years at McKenzie High School and had been a track and field coach.

“There is hope for the Irish to be here, yes. It’s a good hope, ”said Sherman.

The Irish team is preparing to compete in the Oregon 22 World Athletics Championships.

Posted by Christine Pitawaich / KGW on Monday, July 11, 2022.

The exciting opportunity to host the Irish team has given many residents hope for the future and has assured them that the area will return after the devastating wildfires.

Michael Bergman was the key to bringing the Irish team to the McKenzie River Valley.

“The vision was real, you know – once the fire broke out in September 2020 – how we could bring more people here and make an economic impact on this community,” Bergman said.

He said he hopes more sports teams will come to the area in the future.

“If we are here for the recovery of the local community, it will be a terrible thing for the Irish team,” McMamara said.

McNamara was a choice to stay in a small community rather than a big city, and it was the right choice.

“As far as I’m concerned, it’s one of the greatest places on earth,” says McMamara.

When they returned home from their group in Ireland, he said, “Hard times do not last, and difficult people do.” He said people in the McKenzie River Valley are recovering from the fire. The team hopes to bring similar strength to Eugene’s track.

According to Bergman, there is turmoil in other parts of the world. He said the Spanish team will stay at Corban University in Salem and the Finnish team will stay in Megenagna.

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