Europe helping Greece fight wildfires

More than 200 firefighters arrived in Athens on Friday, the first of six European countries to help their Greek counterparts.

The 28 Romanian firefighters were welcomed on Saturday by Climate Crisis and Civil Defense Minister Christos Stilianidis and the Greek Fire Service.

“Romania is delighted to have joined the Special Fire Brigade Pre-Program,” said Romanian team leader Colonel Alexander-Adrian Silicon. He added: “We already have experience here in Greece.

Along with other countries, including the Romanians, Russia and Turkey, they helped Greece fight the August 2021 wildfires that ravaged the northern part of Greece, the second largest island in Greece, as well as the southern Peloponnese peninsula.

This year, the European Union launched a “preliminary pilot project” designed to lead to a permanent European cooperation plan.

The Romanian fire brigade, which has five fire engines, will operate in Attica, which includes Athens, the capital, until July 31. Those who arrived on Friday, July 15, will be relieved by the Romanian fire brigade. Their place will be taken by the 25-strong French army in August.

Four of Bulgaria’s 16 firefighting teams arrived in central Greece on Friday, where they will operate in July. On July 15, meanwhile, 16 German firefighters arrive at the Peloponnese; At the beginning of August, 14 Norwegian and 24 Finnish firefighters will be replaced. [AP]

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