Wildfires Tear Across Greece again, More Seen This Summer

Athens – It looks like the summer of 2021, when hundreds of wildfires are raging throughout Greece and the new democratic government has not responded, but it rises on July 2, with more worries coming.

The fire is usually extinguished and not spread yet, but they worry that rising temperatures and dry conditions and unusually windy weather can make it difficult to control large numbers of epidemics.

Fire Safety Officer Rafaella Tizima called on citizens to remain vigilant and call the Fire Service No. 199 or Emergency No. 112, as soon as they saw the first sign of fire, Kattmarini said.

The situation in Central and Southern Greece and the eastern Aegean Islands is particularly difficult, he said. “This was the first difficult day during the wildfire,” she said.

Access to national parks and forests was restricted on July 4, the spokesman said.

Nearly 200 firefighters and dozens of municipal workers and volunteers were caught in a fiery fire in Peloponnes in “suspicious” situations, possibly a common fire in Greece.

The blaze started near the village of Portes, east of the Achaia region, and is slowly being fed by trees and brushes to the south of Ilia, the newspaper said.

Residents of the small villages of Karagianaika and Dalaboreika have been ordered to evacuate from 112 emergency services via SMS, although regional governor Haralambos Bonanos said they could return to government broadcasting ERT on July 4.

“The situation is much better,” he said. “Yesterday’s big fronts were seized and now the fire is in the distance between Haravgi and Portes.” Fire Service Fire brigade dispatched to the scene of the first fire.

This happened on July 1, the first of more than 200 firefighters from six European countries to help their Greek counterparts fight wildfires.

The 28 Romanian firefighters promised to prepare better this year for the Crisis and Civil Defense Minister Christos Stilianides and the Greek Fire Service.

“Romania is delighted to have joined the Special Fire Brigade Pre-Program,” said Romanian team leader Colonel Alexander-Adrian Silicon. He added: “We already have experience here in Greece.

Along with other countries, including the Romanians, Russia and Turkey, they helped Greece fight the August 2021 wildfires that ravaged the northern part of Greece, the second largest island in Greece, as well as the southern Peloponnese peninsula.

This year, the European Union (EU) launched a “preliminary pilot project” designed to lead to a permanent European cooperation plan, partly due to climate change, following the catastrophic summer fires in 2021.

Romanian firefighters with five fire engines will work in Attica, which includes Athens, the capital, until July 31. Their place will be taken. In August, the 25-strong French army.

A team of 16 Bulgarian firefighters with four fire engines also arrived in central Greece, where it will be fully operational in July. On July 15, meanwhile, 16 German firefighters arrive at the Peloponnese; At the beginning of August, 14 Norwegian and 24 Finnish firefighters will be replaced.

(Associated Press materials used in this report)

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