Evacuation orders canceled after wildfire burns near Soap Lake – KIRO 7 News Seattle

Grant County, Washington – Grant County officials have revoked all evacuation orders after a fire engulfed 300 acres of land near Lake Soap.

Around 2 p.m., 47, notice of release 3 – meaning immediate release – was given.

The fire consumed heavy fuel and was blown away by the wind.

People living in the following areas were told to evacuate.

  • 21000 Road D.5 Northeast,
  • Road Area D.5 Northeast and 20.6 Northeast,
  • Road Area D.5 Northeast and 20.7 Northeast,
  • 2400 Road 20.8 Northeast,
  • East of Lake Soap,
  • Adrian Road between State Line 28 and Route 20 northeast;

Delegates are going from house to house to evacuate as the blaze threatens the safety of 50 buildings.

No injuries were reported.

Grant County Public Utility District wildfire causes two power outages, one in the area around Lake Soap and another in the Winchester area.

Authorities did not say how the blaze started, but it is under investigation.

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